May 31, 2021 marin

Preventive dentistry for children

We pay special attention to the treatment of children, which starts with creating a great communication with them and their parents in order to have a friendly atmosphere so that children can come to visit us more willingly. In the meantime we give parents tips and advice on how to talk and cooperate with children, to “convince” them to have their teeth treated.

4 simple tips for parents:

  • Brush your children’s teeth as soon as their first tooth comes out. When brushing becomes a routine, children will continue doing so even as grown-ups.
  • Children should go to the dentist when they are young, even without having any dental issues, because a “friendship” is created between the child and the dentist: your child will be rewarded for his healthy teeth…
  • Take them to the dentist every 3 months.
  • You should be aware that when your child has permanent teeth that appear around the age of 6, you should take him to the dentist for dental fluoride treatment.
  • Children should have their teeth fluoridated every 6 months.

What is dental sealing?

Dental sealants are thin coatings that when painted on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (molars) can prevent cavities (tooth decay) for many years. Sealants protect the chewing surfaces from cavities by covering them with a protective shield that blocks out germs and food. Tooth sealing is a simple procedure that children accept.

Teeth fluoride treatment:

It’s been an essential treatment for oral health. Fluoride supports healthy tooth enamel and fights the bacteria that harm teeth and gums. T Fluoride is especially helpful if you’re at high risk of developing dental caries, or cavities and helps to prevent them. Fluoridation is done using a gel that is applied directly to the tooth surface to prevent tooth decay.