Dental tourism

Is Dental Tourism Safe?

From aesthetic dentistry to essential treatments, the popularity of dental tourism has started to grow more and more, due to the great financial savings.

There are four main reasons

why we believe that the services performed in our clinic are safe and of a high quality.

  1. 35 years of experience.
  2. Latest technology / materials of prestigious brands.
  3. Specialized staff and under continuous training.
  4. Hundreds of happy customers, documented in Google Reviews, YouTube, Facebook and more.

An interesting fact: Most employers do not offer insurance for dental services in the United Kingdom (UK), because the cost of dental services is very high especially if several treatment sessions are needed.

Dental tourism brings up to 50-70% savings and our clinic guarantees that there is no compromise between service and quality of work. With dental tourism, you also avoid the long waits for an appointment at the dentist, as all the work will be completed quickly by the time you are here.

How does it work?

You just need to follow a few steps:

  • Initial communication and determining your dental situation.
  • We give you a price quotation.
  • After booking, airport-clinic transport and accommodation (near the clinic, center of Tirana) is free of charge.
  • Your dental vacation begins!

Is dental tourism worth it?

  • According to the “Dental Department” through dental tourism you can save up to 70%. So a total savings of thousands of euros / pounds.
  • For example, a dental implant at the KissDent Clinic costs 600€, while in Britain it costs up to 2,500£. KissDent veneers cost 200€ compared to 920£ in the UK.
  • Of course using materials of European standards from our partners, which you can verify online by yourself and when you arrive at our clinic, transparency is key to building trust.

A chance to discover a new country.

Albania is a beautiful country, rich in culture, climate and wonderful nature. The capital, Tirana, with 2,544 hours of sunshine per year (among the top 10 in Europe in terms of sunny days) is a city full of character, many colors, charming and safe. With one of the youngest populations in Europe, Tirana does not lack the energy and nightlife for which it stands out. Combining rapid development, modern buildings, Soviet-era architecture, the vibrancy offered by the city itself and more, we guarantee that Tirana is a pleasure to visit.