May 31, 2021 marin

Dental implants (planting)

The implant is the ideal solution when one or more teeth are missing.

It perfectly replaces the total prosthesis(denture), and patients who replace their dentures with implants do feel a big difference.

Benefits of implant:

  • The time for placing an implant is 10-15 min
  • The implant is the perfect way to replace a missing tooth or teeth.
  • Implants have a lifetime warranty (if hygiene is correct)
  • Crowns are placed on the implants where perfect aesthetics and function is achieved.

When we have a total absence of teeth, there are several solutions, depending on how many implants are going to be placed in the upper, lower or both jaws (4,6 or 8 implants), which is going to determine the type of prosthetics placed on implants.

For patients who have lost all their teeth, an option is available to provide a very stable and comfortable prosthesis using a minimal number of implants. It is even better to place six implants (all in 6), and ideally, eight implants would provide greater stability to the bridge.

We use implants of the most prestigious companies in the dental field, ETK (FRANCE), HIOSSEN (USA) and STRAUMANN (SWITZERLAND).