Dental Clinic KissDent

Our Motto is:

“Quality, Work Ethic, Proffesionalism.”

Dental Clinic KissDent is a dental clinic with 35 years of experience, which works with a closed cycle, incorporating a dental laboratory with the latest technology in the field of dentistry.

KissDent Dental Laboratory

KissDent’s dental laboratory is the first in Albania to introduce and use zirconium together with the CAD/CAM technology, which is one of the most advanced technologies used in dentistry today. It allows KissDent to achieve an outstanding precision in our work with an accuracy of around 1/100 of a centimeter. This means that the work is done faster, is less invasive, and above all it allows KissDent to achieve the highest quality and aesthethics.

Our Staff

The continuous training of our staff has been a priority throughout all these 35 years, being always at the forefront of technology and the newest innovations in the market.

KissDent’s staff is trained in all areas of dentistry, in different countries around the world such as France, USA, Germany, UK, Austria, Finland, Sweden and Italy, of course each training has its own corresponding certificate.

Training is a never ending process so that KissDent can be one step ahead.

Dental Care & Services:

<b>Dental</b> crown

Dental crown

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Dental <b>filling</b>

Dental filling

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Face <b>filling</b>

Face filling

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Dental <b>implant</b>

Dental implant

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<b>Invisible</b> teeth aligner (Nuvola)

Invisible teeth aligner (Nuvola)

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<b>Inlays</b> and <b>onlays</b>

Inlays and onlays

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<b>Preventive dentistry</b> for children

Preventive dentistry for children

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<b>Professional</b> teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening

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Tooth <b>removal</b>

Tooth removal

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<b>Surgery</b> (sinus lift and bone graft)

Surgery (sinus lift and bone graft)

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All the materials used in our clinic are of the highest quality and from reputable brands. For more please check our partners section and click on their logo for detailed information.