Technology and Materials

KissDent only uses the highest quality dental materials and latest technology, so that we can achieve long lasting and high quality results. Our staff is qualified, thus guaranteeing professional work. In the last years there have been incredible advancements in the field of dental technology, making it all more important to keep up with the times.

Although a wide array of technologies are available in the world of dentistry, we have invested time and energy into only choosing the best and most optimal for any treatment done at KissDent. Therefore our experienced dentists can help you achieve the perfect smile, based on a strong and healthy foundation. Using only the best technology and at the same time trying & testing the latest innovations.

Key technologies:

3D scanner:

Uses ultra-low doses of radiation for diagnostication and treatment. Needed for treatments such as dental implants, orthodontic treatment, teeth extraction and full mouth rehabilitation.

CAD / CAM with 5 axis:

CAD / CAM is a field of dentistry and prosthodontics using computer-aided-design and computer-aided-manufacturing to improve the design and creation of dental restorations. 5 axis manoeuvrability means you can use shorter cutting tools with higher cutting speeds and less vibration, resulting in improved surface finishes. 5 axis machines allow the machine head to be closer to the surface of the cutter.

Printer 3D:

Is used to scan the teeth, design an orthodontic appliance and print the end result in-house. Produce crowns, bridges, caps, dentures and more.

KissDent is the first dental clinic in Albania that uses the CAD/CAM technology since the year 2006.


Our dental materials are of the highest quality.

The materials used are just as important as the technique used in the treatment itself. We take the process of selecting the best materials very seriously and use only the best that the market has to offer. Our dental materials are of the highest quality, approved from the Europian Union. The brands that we use originate from countries like: United States, Germany, Japan and Italy.

These are the well known brands that we use to achieve the highest standards in our work.

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